As if restaurant owners haven’t had enough garbage on their plates over the past 12 months, an unsavory series of scams is dealing them another blow.

Are human beings inherently good? You have to wonder.

Some of these humans are filing fraudulent refund requests after receiving their food.

A prominent example comes from Los Angeles, where a recent L.A. Times story brought to light the story of an iconic Korean restaurant forced to close.

The popular Spoon by H, reportedly is a scam victim.

Yoonjin Hwang told the Times she couldn’t compete with the disputed charges.

“We lost orders, time, precious ingredients, and the problems accumulated to the point where we just couldn’t stay in business anymore,” she said.

Via its Feb. 22 Instagram post, the business explained:

“We are heartbroken to find ourselves sharing the very news we hoped we would never have to share… Spoon By H will be closing.”

Elsewhere, Bell’s BBQ in Henderson, Nev., was hit by the “dine and dash” scam on third-party delivery apps, according to FOX 5 Las Vegas.

The restaurant’s owner, Eric Lipsky, said it’s hard to tell which refunds have legitimate errors versus which are the result of potential fraud.

A spokesperson from Grubhub told FOX 5: “We have no tolerance for misconduct, and if we discover that a customer is misusing our platform, we will promptly block their account.”

DoorDash told Fox News it has a similar policy.

“At DoorDash … we actively monitor the platform to prevent the misuse of our credit and refund policy. If an issue arises, we will work with all parties to find a resolution.”

All faith in the human race is not lost, however. A GoFundMe account to help Spoon by H showed $71,920 had been raised by Wednesday morning.

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