Frequently Asked Questions

What is Valuetainment University?

An online course experience at an affordable cost for anyone looking to take their identity, professionalism and or business expertise to the next level. Current courses feature Patrick Bet-David. 

How long are the courses?

Every course is at least 60 minutes broken up into lessons. Each course has a PDF, video and an educational/practical approach to content delivery. 

Will more courses be added?

Yes, we will be adding recordings, webinars, courses and other videos on a monthly basis. 

Will there be other instructors and types of courses?

Yes we will be adding other courses and other creators starting January 2023.

Is this a monthly membership?

Yes. The monthly membership allows you to watch and access courses at an affordable cost. 

Can I get refunded if I don't learn and get value?

We do not offer a refund for any subscription once purchased. You may cancel the subscription anytime from your dashboard following these steps HERE.

Can I replay the course more than once?

Yes, we suggest everyone study the course and re-watch it as many times as needed

Don't see your question?

email with any other questions you might have.