About Us

In 2013, Patrick Bet-David walked over to his social media coordinator and handed him a camera, and said “I’d like to start doing some videos on YouTube.” After the first year, Patrick decided to take the focus off of himself and focus it on building something bigger that could provide Value and Entertainment and create a movement that could create a movement around the world. Hence the name Valuetainment was born. The toughest part would be to figure out what that content would consist of.

After a series of How-To and educational videos, some short films, including the viral “Life of an Entrepreneur, in 90 seconds,” Patrick again decided to provide a unique approach to interviews on the channel by seeking the most interesting individuals around the world. From mobsters to comedians to athletes to world renowned public figures and media personalities, Valuetainment has hosted them all.

Now, with the many changes taking place in the world and in the media, Valuetainment has set out to find, build, and share some of the most unique voices of reason today. The content you will find at Valuetainment is transparent, trending, current, and captivating. We believe in story-telling and transparency. We’re not looking to take sides, we are looking to take the decision making back to the hands of our viewers.

If you’re looking for polarizing media, you won’t find it here. If you are looking for transparency and an unapologetic approach to media, shows, and content, you may have found the right source to visit on a daily basis. We are committed to the idea that content is king. And we hope to provide a unique reading, listening, and viewing experience for all who come and check out our site. This is a brand built by an entrepreneur who immigrated to America, who believes in capitalism and wants to give back in the form of content creation.