There was a time when the thought of a 55-year-old woman with no political experience, most known for her prolific love of tanning beds, deciding to run for a Senate seat was considered strange. Now, in 2023, it barely registers on the oddball meter.  Heck, “Tan Mom” couldn’t be worse than a lot of the people being sent to DC. 

Her name is Patricia Krentcil, and she has made it official; she’s running for a Senate seat.  The Florida resident burst on the scene in 2012 when she was arrested for taking her then 5-year-old daughter to a tanning salon. She worked a reality show deal out of it, starring in an extreme makeover show called “Tan to 10.”

At least she has something most members of Congress lack — self-awareness. “I know that I am different. And I have suffered for it. But us all being different is what makes this country so amazing and unique.”

Rick Scott is the U.S. Senator whose seat the Republican wants to take over. Getting elected in Florida with the platform she is standing on might be a bit of a challenge. 

“My platform is pro LGBTQ+; I would vote for RuPaul for President. Let’s mix it up with representation.  I’ve walked through the fire to get to where I am at, which is a strong, independent woman who wants positive change in this country and world.  Am I the most well-spoken, brilliant politician that ever lived? No. But I am a mom of five, with two kids in high school currently, boots on the ground in Florida, dealing with medical issues. I get it. I get what these people are going through. And it’s not good. We need to change it. Banning Shakespeare, teaching slavery was beneficial? This is the priority when thousands of people can’t pay their home insurance premiums or medical bills!? Nobody should be made to feel inferior for how they look, or who they are as a person. I know this from personal experience.”

Say goodbye to an endorsement and campaign appearance from Florida Governor Rick DeSantis. 

If nothing else, she can say something Ted Cruz and Chuck Schumer could never claim; she refers to herself as “the tannest woman in the world. 

As for who would run the show as her campaign manager? It’s the producers of her reality show, of course. 

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