The residual damage from the intense winter storm that’s wreaking havoc in Texas and endangering lives will be felt for a long time.

For one thing, hundreds of Walmart stores are closed in Texas, the Southeast and other parts of the country.  A total of 456 have had to shut their doors as of midday on Tuesday, which is about 9% of all their stores nationally.

Amazon package deliveries will be greatly affected. CNBC reported that they had to close facilities in eight states, including Texas because of the bitter cold gripping a big portion of the country.

UPS had to close their Worldport package hub in Louisville Monday night, but it has since reopened.

FedEx has had service delays too, as slowdowns at their hub n Memphis caused a ripple effect throughout the country of packages being delivered late.

The situation in Texas is dire.  More than 4.2 million people were without electricity on Tuesday morning.  The cold, snow, freezing rain and overall horrible weather is going to be heading to other parts of the country next, including the Great Plains, New England and other regions.

Part of the reason power is out is because of rolling blackouts utility companies had to implement. The electric grid could not keep up with the demand for power, so the blackouts became necessary.

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