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Interestingly enough, two of them are children grossing more than you could ever imagine…


1. MrBeast

Matthias Clamer for Rolling Stone

2021 Estimated Earnings: $54 million

Number of Subscribers: 88.7 million

This long-running YouTube star made an early name for himself by estimating the net worth of his fellow content creators.

His record-breaking earnings represent a massive increase over the previous year’s list topper, Ryan’s World.

In addition to running several YouTube channels and selling merch, MrBeast is also behind a number of successful business ventures. One is a popular app, whereby users can order branded burgers and sandwiches through participating restaurants. He’s also quite the philanthropist, raising tons of money for all sorts of charitable causes. The list of accomplishments goes on and on. So how much does MrBeast make? A lot!


2. Jake Paul

2021 Estimated Earnings: $45 million

Number of Subscribers : 20.4 million

Few YouTube personalities have branched out beyond the platform’s perimeters quite like Jake Paul, who continues to dominate headlines. Paul’s recent career change towards professional boxing has sent his overall net worth soaring ever higher. In fact, Forbes reports that it’s boxing—and not YouTube—that accounts for the bulk of his current fortune.


3. Markiplier

2021 Estimated Earnings: $38 million

Number of Subscribers: $31.7 million

Powered by his Unus Annus series and adjoining merch sales, this social media stalwart nearly doubled his annual earnings from 2020. He made an early name for himself as an avid gamer and continues to explore another avenue of media such as podcasting and television.

According to recent estimates, Markiplier’s channel has racked up over 17.3 billion total video views as of this year.


4. Rhett & Link

2021 Estimated Earnings: $30 million

Number of Subscribers: $17.4 million

These two take a “nerdy” and scientific approach to comedy and are a favorite amongst kids and young adults.

Their show “Good Mythical Morning,” is incredibly popular in addition to their other show, “Mythical Kitchen.”

5. Unspeakable

2021 Estimated Earnings: $28.5 million

Number of Subscribers: 12.9 million

This energetic social media star debuts on the list of highest-paid YouTubers with his respectable earnings of USD$28.5 million in 2021.

A master of Minecraft , Nathan Graham—AKA Unspeakable—is also no stranger to wild and outrageous stunts. He recently sold his back catalog to Spotter for a lump sum and that helps explain the explosion of income.


6. Like Nastya

2021 Estimated Earnings: $28 million

Number of Subscribers: 86 million

Russian-born YouTuber Anastasia Radzinskaya goes by the moniker of Like Nastya and brings viewers into her world through an ongoing series of well-produced videos. Born with cerebral palsy, she remains effortlessly relatable and inspiring to millions of children and adults alike. Like Unspeakable, Nastya recently sold the rights to her back catalog to Spotter and that explains a generous portion of her current net worth. She also sells tons of merch and even released an NFT collection with celebrity businessman Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee).



7. Ryan’s World

2021 Estimated Earnings: $28 million

Number of Subscribers: 31.5 million

Last year’s biggest earner, this child entertainer (real name Ryan Kaji) continues to make serious bank after six years on YouTube. Now 10 years old, he’s pursuing various opportunities as he outgrows his initial core audience, such as licensing out the animated co-stars that appear in his videos. He’s also a major brand name at places like Target and Walmart, where you can find his merch on the shelves. With a huge net worth, Ryan’s World never has to worry about going broke, but that won’t stop his guardians and their business partners from exploring every option.


8. Dude Perfect

2021 Estimated Earnings: $20 million

Number of Subscribers: 57 million

This Texas-based comedy troupe rips pages out of the “Jackass” playbook by performing the kind of tricks and stunts that you simply shouldn’t try at home. Then again, they recently published a how-to book—complete with step-by-step instructions—so maybe you should try these tricks at home (their suggestion, not ours). They also embark on the occasional live tour across America, which presumably adds a zero or two to the bottom line. Pair that with merch and other revenue streams and you’re looking at some of the richest YouTubers in existence.


9. Logan Paul

2021 Estimated Earnings: $18 million

Number of Subscribers: 23.3 million

Even in today’s ultra-fast climate of content, viewers still remember the whole “suicide forest” scandal back in 2017. Now a professional boxer, Logan recently squared off against Floyd Mayweather in a widely publicized exhibition match. He also recently signed a deal with the WWE and will be having his first fight this summer!

He also hosts a hugely popular podcast, amongst other things.


10. PrestonPlayz

Matthias Clamer for Rolling Stone

2021 Estimated Earnings: $16 million

Number of Subscribers: 11.9 million

Preston Arsement has made his impressive gaming skills into an empire of content and merch.

His videos go across multiple channels and game titles but primarily focus on Minecraft.

Whilst he didn’t earn as much in 2021 as he did the year before, he still makes the list of the top 10 highest-paid YouTubers.


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