The future looks bright for the New York Yankees.

The most iconic franchise in American professional sports has a new minority owner, and it’s none other than Patrick Bet-David, serial entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Valuetainment.

PBD’s American success story now has yet another chapter in a journey that is both inspirational and surreal. After 13 months of background checks, interviews and paperwork, PBD owns a piece of the pinstripes.

“I may be 44 years old but I feel like a kid right now. One of my biggest dreams just became a reality.”

America’s Pastime has always been a passion of Pat’s. He poured over player statistics and quickly began collecting baseball cards after arriving in California at the age of 13.

“When I was a kid in L.A. at 13-14 years old I fell in love with baseball. I loved the (NY) Daily News because they offered more stats.”

While he dabbled in the sport as a youngster (“I could hit the ball but I was not a good baseball player”), he quickly realized he wasn’t going to be a major leaguer. But with the sport steeped in numbers, trends and stats, PBD was quickly drawn into it.

Fast forward to last week, when the proud immigrant and self-made businessman received word that it had become official … he’s now part of an exclusive club and a member of the ownership group of the prestigious New York Yankees.

“I still cant believe it. I’ve had some major things happen in my life. This has to be right up there on the list.”

But fear not Valuetainment and PBD Podcast fans. Pat’s not quitting his day job. He remains resolute in his quest to continue to grow his very popular podcast and fast-growing media company. Despite some initial trepidation that his opinions, personality and mission to educate and entertain might need to be muted if he became part of the ownership group, he quickly realized he could remain true to himself.

“Is this going to work? I’m a loud guy. I say a lot of things. I have strong opinions. And then the Yankees said yes. I didn’t think this was ever going to happen.”

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