Roy McGrath, credit, Baltimore sun

The former chief of staff for former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is on the run. It might explain why the moderate GOP governor passed on a race for president, even though he represented the hopes of the anti-Trump Republican community.

Roy McGrath is now a considered a fugitive after failing to show up for a hearing in Baltimore as his criminal case begun. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

McGrath told the court previously he would fly into Baltimore for the proceedings. After his no-show, local authorities in Florida, where is supposed to be living now, went to his home and couldn’t find a trace of him.

McGrath has eight charges against him overall, including getting an unauthorized severance payment of over $200,000, as well as fraud and embezzlement charges totaling over $170,000

He claims innocence and resigned from the governor’s office, and while Hogan hasn’t been singled out for wrongdoing, the lack of oversight projects a light of incompetence on the moderate governor’s administration.

And further investigation of the incident, with the limelight heating up amidst a presidential campaign, could have spelled further trouble for the governor. Hogan apparently did sign off on the deal, but with claims the memo was falsified. If it truly were, the fact that it got through with Hogan’s approval speaks volumes about his management ability.

McGrath’s attorney has tried to contact McGrath and his wife but to no avail.

We ask for a moment of silence in honor of the campaign that never was.

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