One of the casualties during the Woke-ification of America is a beloved lady who was cancelled in 2020. 

Aunt Jemima is gone, cast aside for the what’s called the “Pearl Milling Company,” and their boring, bland, new packaging that looks exactly like Aunt Jemima, without Aunt Jemima. 

You may have seen it in your grocery store, because it started to get shipped out on May 31.  

Wow, the branding team at Pearl Miller kind of phoned this revamp in. The colors and font are exactly the same, they just terminated everyone’s favorite breakfast Aunt’s image off the packaging. 

Here’s an un-inspiring corporate quote the company gave CNN.  “We’ll also be keeping ‘New Name, Same Great Taste as Aunt Jemima’ on the new packaging to help transition people over to the new brand.”  Thank goodness for the help “transitioning” since apparently we’re all too stupid to realize it’s the same thing as before. 

Aunt Jemima isn’t the only iconic food image to get cancelled in the midst of the George Floyd protests in 2020. Mrs. Butterworth is under review and facing termination, as well as the black Cream of Wheat mascot, and Uncle Ben’s rice has been re-launched as “Ben’s Original.”

Here’s one more quote from Pearl Milling Company to confirm the fact they take themselves a little too seriously.

 “As part of its rebranding journey, Pearl Milling Company set out to fulfill two promises: to continue delivering the same great-tasting products families have enjoyed for over a century and to inspire moments that matter around the breakfast table and in communities.” 

It’s just syrup and pancake mix people. Chill out!

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