Jeff Bezos and Amazon pushed back one very high profile unionization attempt earlier this year in Alabama, but that could be a Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather type battle compared to the Ali – Frazier showdown that could be looming for them.. 

Here’s what’s potentially on the horizon at Amazon’s US warehouses: an attempt by The International Brotherhood of Teamsters to turn all of Amazon’s warehouse workers into Teamsters. 

The union voted in favor of a resolution to make “building worker power at Amazon and helping those workers achieve a union contract” a top priority for the group CNN reported. 

This new resolution is called the “Amazon Project,” and their hope is to create a special Amazon Division to “aid” workers there. 

Of the 1,632 Teamster delegates who voted on the resolution in over 500 local unions, 1,562 were in favor of it. 

The Teamsters is an extremely powerful union, with over 1.4 million members in the US.  UPS workers are members of this union. 

Here’s part of a statement issued by the Teamsters Thursday. “Amazon is changing the nature of work in our country and touches many core Teamster industries and employers such as UPS, parcel delivery, freight, airline, food distribution and motion picture, and presents an existential threat to the standards we have set in these industries.”

This has the potential to be an epic showdown. Both sides are extremely powerful, motivated, and funded. It’s doubtful either will back down so brace yourself for a heavyweight labor fight for the ages. 

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