Nike is the latest big brand that will be setting up shop in the metaverse, as they announced the acquisition of RTFKT Studios,  a company that bills itself as “a leading brand that leverages cutting edge innovation to deliver next-generation collectibles that merge culture and gaming. 

(If you think you may have heard of RTFKT, they are the company that photoshopped a pair of virtual sneakers on the feet of Elon Musk at an event.  That led to roughly $8 million in seed money being pumped into their coffers, and the value of those virtual shoes has risen to over $50,000.)

Visitors to RTFKT’s website will be asked to link their Metamask wallets. This is one of the ways owners of NFT’s can verify their purchases.  According to a report in The Verge, “this is one of the ways NFT owners can verify their purchases, with the idea that at some point in the future you’ll play games or enter other sorts of VR spaces where your items can materialize, once those spaces have read the blockchain to assess which items you own the rights to.”

The lightning bolt logo of RTFKT looks like a futuristic distant cousin of Nike’s swoosh. 

In a very clear sign of how fast things are moving in the metaverse and the frenetic pace that experiences are being developed exclusively for it, RTFKT Studios is a company founded less than two years ago. 

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