Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) hit the links with the president on Christmas Day, and after spending some time with Donald Trump he believes the $2,000 check to Americans is the right decision. Graham also indicated that he supports Trump’s calls to strip Big Tech firms like Facebook and Twitter from their protections in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

“After spending some time with President @realDonaldTrump today, I am convinced he is more determined than ever to increase stimulus payments to $2000 per person and challenge Section 230 big tech liability protection,” Graham tweeted out, and then followed it up with a second tweet, saying, “Both are reasonable demands, and I hope Congress is listening. The biggest winner would be the American people.”

The president is staying at his Mar-a-Lago resort for the holidays and continued to put the pressure on Congress with tweets saying, “Made many calls and had meetings at Trump International in Palm Beach, Florida. Why would politicians not want to give people $2000, rather than only $600? It wasn’t their fault, it was China. Give our people the money!” he tweeted on Christmas Day.

Trump then followed up on Saturday, tweeting “I simply want to get our great people $2000, rather than the measly $600 that is now in the bill. Also, stop the billions of dollars in “pork”.

Trump has also expressed his oppositions to the defense bill, and unless there are major changes, he doesn’t appear to be ready to sign that anytime soon. “Our $740 [billion] defense bill is a gift to China, Russia & Big Tech. It fails to terminate the internationally dangerous Section 230, won’t allow us to bring our troops back home (where they belong), renames & destroys our forts & National Monuments, & makes 5G almost impossible!” Trump tweeted Saturday morning.

It’s pretty clear President Trump doesn’t really like anything Congress is doing right now. The majority of Americans probably feel the same way.

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