Johnny Depp in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,” the second movie in the franchise.PETER MOUNTAIN, WALT DISNEY PICTURES

Disney is also planning a series about Jack Sparrow’s early adventures

After departing from the franchise in 2018, Johnny Depp is now reportedly expected to rejoin the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.

According to an insider report, Disney is in the process of putting together a $300 MILLION deal the actor won’t be able to refuse.

Depp has been offered an oddly specific amount of $301 million to return to Pirates of The Carribean. This isn’t some random number, either. Depp allegedly stated was that he would not do another Pirates of the Caribbean film, even for “$300 million and a million alpacas.”

The source revealed, ‘They reached out to the actor prior to his defamation trial against Amber Heard and asked whether he would be interested in returning for another pirate film or two.

The deal is reportedly for Johnny Depp to return as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 and a spin-off Disney Plus series about the early life of the Captain of The Black Pearl.

The source went on to say, “‘What I can tell you is that the studio has already penned up a draft for a film about Jack Sparrow so they are very hopeful that Johnny will forgive them and return as his iconic character.”

Disney is also offering Depp a sizable donation to a charity of his choice as a good deed. 

Disney anticipates that “one-upping” Johnny’s $300 million will be an offer he can’t turn down.

Apparently, a “gift basket with a very heartfelt letter” was also sent to Depp following his defamation trial with ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Disney executives are hoping “Johnny will forgive them.

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