Pennsylvania is looking more and more like it will end up being one of the big question marks on Election Night and possibly for a few days after. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has warned voters in his city about being patient for results.

Philadelphia has already received more than 400,000 mail-in ballots and by law, mail-in ballots cannot start being counted until Election Day. “That means getting a tally of mail-in ballots will easily take several days. This may determine the outcome in Philadelphia, and in the Commonwealth as a whole. So, again, please be patient,” the mayor said.

Trump is hoping to ride a wave of support from voters outside of Philadelphia and its suburbs as a way to counteract the expected high democratic vote from the Philly area. With Philadelphia already declaring it will take them days to count, Trump very well could open up a large lead but then see it diminish as the votes in Philadelphia get tallied.

Many states around the country are expecting to see a huge surge in Republican voting on Election Day. Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel was on “Face the Nation” this weekend and talked about Democrats focusing on mail-in-ballots due to the coronavirus pandemic, while Republicans are determined to vote in person “They want to make sure that their vote counts,” she said. “They’re not completely trusting of the mail-ballot system, and so they’ve made that clear.”

More than 94 million voters have already cast their ballots this election season, with around 60 million of those being cast by mail and 34 million being cast in-person.

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