Twitter may have thought they were pretty clever when they censored the Hunter Biden laptop story due to their claims that the contents of the hard drive were hacked. That reasoning may have kept them from sharing the story on their platform, but now that excuse is getting them sued.

The Delaware computer repairman at the center of the Hunter Biden laptop story is now suing the social media giant for defamation, claiming the company’s content moderation unfairly branded him a “hacker.”

The New York Post story in October reported on a hard drive full of damaging documents that were on a computer that was left at John Paul Mac Isaac’s repair store in April 2019, but the computer was never picked up. Emails and photos on the hard drive detailed Hunter Biden’s questionable and shady overseas business dealings. The hard drive at the center of the story is also reportedly now part of a federal tax probe into President-elect Joe Biden’s son.

When the original New York Post story dropped, Twitter immediately blocked users from sharing it online, claiming the story contained “hacked materials.” According to a piece published yesterday in The Verge, Isaac is now suing Twitter for its decision to “communicate to the world that [Mac Isaac] is a hacker.”

Isaac claims that his business received threats and negative reviews after Twitter’s response to the story and that he is “now widely considered a hacker.”

Mac Isaac is demanding $500 million in damages and a public retraction from Twitter.

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