Golfing great Greg Norman’s Christmas was ruined when the 65-year-old Aussie contracted the coronavirus and it quickly intensified into severe symptoms.

“I am fit and strong and have a high tolerance for pain but this virus kicked the crap out of me like nothing I have ever experienced before,” Norman wrote on his Instagram account.

Norman was hospitalized twice in Palm Beach, Fla., during his COVID battle and said he received a medicinal infusion of Bamlanivimab antibody.” His partner, Michelle, and his son, Greg Jr., also tested positive for the coronavirus. The father and son played together in the father-son PNC Championship in the previous week but tested negative before and after the event.

“Muscle and joint pain on another level,” Norman described the effects. “Headaches that feel like a chisel going through your head scraping little bits off each time, fever, muscles that just did not want to work like yesterday, walking my dog, Apollo, my quads and hip flexors just did not want to work due to fatigue.

“Then my taste failed where beer tastes bad and wine the same,” he continued. “And finally, at times struggling with memory of names and things. Then there is irritation.”

The world’s former No. 1 golfer for 331 weeks has a different sort of irritation for the COVID “doubters” and their “unwarranted comments.”

“So I ask, do what is right, not just for you, but your family, friends, co-workers and other people around,” Norman wrote. “I am luckier than most and for that, I am thankful and blessed.”

Surviving COVID is life’s ultimate mulligan these days.

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