No state starts more trends than California, but this one is a little too painful for the poor people who live in the state. 

Gas prices just hit an average of $4.676, which bests the previous record they set back in 2012 of $4.671. 


How high is this compared to the rest of the 49 states where you don’t need a second mortgage to fill up your tank with premium?  Well, the national average actually dropped Sunday to $3.413.  So there’s quite a discrepancy there that people in Cali are moderately annoyed about each time they pull up to a gas station.

If you’re wondering why the new record was eclipsed, one reason according to AAA is the heavy rainstorms in Northern Cal that brought down production capacity.  And the trickle down effect made the numbers at the pump rise. 

Here’s part of an official statement from a guy named Jeffrey Spring, who works with the Automobile Club of Southern California. 

“It’s a bit of a supply crunch we have right now, there’s nothing major, until the refineries in Northern California can get back up to full production capacity.”

I have some news for you Jeffrey. Most people in California paying these prices don’t care about excuses, they just want that number to go down. 

Don’t be surprised if the number hits $5 soon, especially in Northern California, where the average price ballooned to $4.968 on Sunday. 

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