President Trump spent part of Wednesday issuing a wave of pardons and commutations for 29 people who will be having a much better holiday season than they thought they would.

There sere some familiar names on the list of people pardoned, including Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort. He also pardoned Roger Stone, a former adviser. Both Stone and Manafort  were prosecuted in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Also on the list of presidential pardons was Charles Kushner, the father of Jarod Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and husband of Ivanka Trump. The elder Kushner was sentenced to two years of prison time for making false tax returns and illegal campaign donations.  Kushner, like Trump, was a successful real estate developer in New York City. 

On Tuesday Trump pardoned Duncan Hunter, the former California Republican congressman, and Wednesday he pardoned his estranged wife, Margaret Hunter. She was serving three years probation for conspiracy to misuse campaign funds.

It’s very common for presidents to use their clemency power near the end of their terms. 

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