Some people are so stupid, malicious, and evil that we can all be grateful for a guy named Bob Innes, who has created a way to make sure these idiots get put in jail. 

Back in 2005, Bob created a bogus website.  The idea was to catch people who believe the best way to hire a killer is to take out a business associate, spouse, enemy, annoying neighbor with a barking dog, or whatever is to do it online.  The name of the website is 

Yes, some people believed that was a real site, and many of those people are now in prison.  Including Wendy Wein, according to a story in the Washington Post. 

She wanted her husband dead but wasn’t interested in doing the dirty work for herself, and she sure as hell didn’t trust anyone close to her enough to ask that sort of favor, so she went to the Internet to find help. 

She landed on  The site makes it easy for would-be mafioso wannabes to order a hit because it promises confidentiality. It also shows off testimonials from satisfied customers who have used the site.  Wendy thought the site was run by a guy named “Guido Fanelli.”  

She really was that stupid. The website acts as a honeypot for people looking to commit the ultimate crime.  Wein was arrested and now faces nine years in prison after her plea deal with prosecutors. 

If you’re curious how many people have actually reached out to Innes on the site?  He told the WAPO that the number is between 650 and 700, and 400 have gone so far as to fill out a “service request form” that requires a name, email address, and phone number.  When someone goes so far as to fill out that info, Innes tells law enforcement agencies. 

Here’s a great quote he gave the Post. 

“I don’t get it. People are just stupid.”

Innes stumbled onto this side hustle of his, but he’s been doing it now for 16 years and helped rid the world of many moronic and potentially dangerous people. 

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