Not like there’s a reason to doubt the ability of Elon Musk to influence people around the world with his words and tweets, but he has shown again that when he wants to go all-in on trolling someone, he can. 

You can’t imagine that Musk would be surprised by this, but JPMorgan’s Yelp page was temporarily disabled this week after Tesla fans bombed it with one-star reviews. 

Why? Because that’s what Musk threatened he would do, tongue in cheek, as he was commenting about the $162 million lawsuit JPMorgan has filed against Tesla over Musk’s failed bid to take Tesla private back in 2018. 

Musk said he’d hand out the one-star Yelp review if JPMorgan didn’t drop the suit, and that was the call to arms his followers needed to spring into action for their hero. 

Here’s a bit of context courtesy of  JPMorgan said Tesla breached a contract related to stock warrants it held after Musk’s 2018 tweet that he and “funding secured:” to take Tesla private. Musk was talking to the Wall Street Journal did a story on the suit, and this is what Musk told the Journal. 

“If JPM doesn’t withdraw their lawsuit, I will give them a one-star review on Yelp, This is my final warning!”

On top of the one-star review, there were a ton of comments, including thee according to Insider:

“JP Morgan Sucks from a Tesla owner.”

“That’s what you get for playing with Elon.”

“They got my order wrong. I wanted curly fries.”

“One star only for their frivolous lawsuits against their business partners, particularly against Tesla.”

“I’m here for Tesla obviously. Giving u one star for suing the company.”

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