On today’s episode of The Biz Doc Podcast, Antonio Swad, the brilliant mind behind Wingstop and Pizza Patron, gives us an exclusive interview. Antonio shares his remarkable rise from humble beginnings as a dishwasher to becoming a renowned entrepreneur with two thriving franchises. Get ready for an insightful conversation as The Biz Doc delves into Antonio’s trials, tribulations, and the invaluable lessons he learned throughout his journey. Discover the secrets behind his success and gain firsthand knowledge as Antonio imparts wisdom he wishes to pass on to his son. This episode is a must-watch for aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone seeking inspiration from an extraordinary success story.


0:00 – START
10:08 – How Antonio Got His Start in the Food Industry
26:40 – Developing the Product How Wingstop Was Born
31:45 – Best Lessons For a Young Entrepreneur
37:50 – A Chicken Wing Empire: The Franchising of Wingstop
50:11 – Keys to Success: Lessons from a Mogul to His Son
59:11 – What Made Antonio Get into Politics
1:08:55 – How Do You Stay Driven To DO MORE?

Check out Antonio’s newest venture, “Buck-A-Buzz” https://bit.ly/3ozvDpH

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