When you think of highly intelligent people, what comes to mind?

From their attitude and demeanor to their appearance and lexicon, intelligent people have a few things in common.

Here are 5 Things Smart People Do

Smart people have a few things in common…

1. They Ask Questions

Smart people are not afraid to admit they don’t know if they really don’t know.

People who claim to know everything or  never ask for advice are missing out on the chance to learn more and as a result, become smarter.

2. They Never Assume

People who assume are bound to make a lot of mistakes.

It can be easy to make assumptions about other people, but you are likely to be wrong. Most people don’t reveal their true thoughts, intentions, or desires, and it takes time to really figure out what people are all about.

This is also the case with everything else in life, not just people.

Situations, stories, and anything else that can be analyzed have to be processed from many different aspects.

Nothing is ever as it seems.

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3. They Read. A LOT.

Reading has been proven to make people smarter and reaps loads of other benefits.

It also improves decision making and emotional processing, improves vocabulary, and even slows down mental aging!

It also makes people more empathetic, which is important because it helps us better understand how others are feeling and even how we feel within ourselves.

When you can properly assess how others are feeling, it will enable you to be more successful because you will be better at interpreting people, situations, and important matters.

Bottom line, READ, and NEVER STOP TO LEARN!

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4. They Don’t Waste Their Time

Smart people know that time is valuable.

They don’t like to waste their time on people or minuscule matters that don’t help them grow.

Everything is essentially an investment to them, including their time.

People who spend time on issues that don’t matter or create problems out of nothing tend to struggle and suffer more in life than those who don’t.

Smart people are resilient and never give up if things don’t work at first. 

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5. They Don’t Get Emotional

Smart people don’t take things personally because they know NOTHING IS PERSONAL.

If you’re getting emotional about almost everything, you can’t interpret situations clearly or the way they actually are.

People are constantly projecting their own insecurities and issues onto others.

Focus on matters that will help you grow and don’t hold grudges.


Which of these tips did you find most helpful?

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  • The things you describe have absolutely nothing to do with being intelligent (high IQ). Intelligence is a technical term.

    You can have a super high IQ (135>) accompanied with intensely low levels of industriousness or high levels of neuroticism. You can bet, those people don’t have the behaviours you describe at all. There is no correlation between IQ and industriousness.

    The whole article looks to be about top performers (high conscientiousness, low neuroticism, and definitely not exclusive high IQ.


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