As things look on the final day of January, there is no chance the Senate will be able to convict former President Donald Trump when the impeachment trial begins in early February. Despite almost impossible odds, nothing is slowing down Chuck Shumer and other Democrats from plowing forward with the trial that will start on Feb. 8, maybe just for the simple fact they want the spectacle of doing it, and humiliating Trump.

There is one thing standing in the way of a conviction, and it is called “simple math.” The Democrats would need to attain 17 guilty votes from Republican Senators, and that simply is not going to happen. 45 out of 50 Republicans voted last week to dismiss the trial. While that won’t happen, a conviction almost certainly won’t as well.

Trump did make news over the weekend by completely shaking up his defense team for the impeachment trial. He got rid of five attorneys, South Carolina lawyers Butch Bowers and Deborah Barbie, as well as three former federal prosecutors, Greg Harris, Johnny Gasser and Josh Howard. The reported reason is the lawyers and Trump couldn’t agree on the direction of the defense argument.  The AP reported that Powers and Barbier left because Trump wanted to make election fraud allegations during the trial, and they wanted nothing to do with that.

So despite being the only President to be impeached twice, Trump should keep his record intact of never being convicted.

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