Quarantining has created needs that you did not realize you could have and solutions that you did not know existed.

Amazon is selling various do-it-yourself construction kits that include an upcoming offering of a $19,900 backyard office in a box. ÖÖD, an Estonian company, was formed four years ago by two brothers who could not find a tiny home for a weekend outing and came up with a well-designed prefab room that can be used as a studio, a playroom, a yoga room, a winter garden and a home office.

The 113-square-foot office does not need a concrete foundation and offers a panoramic view with two glass walls.

“ÖÖD Home Office was created to address a practical need,ÖÖD’s Kristi Kivilaid told dwell.com. “In today’s turbulent times, the general working culture has changed, and the need for separate office space is increasing every day. Many companies no longer see the need to rent big office spaces, and so people are working from home more than ever. This offers a workspace in your back garden, separate from your house, where you can concentrate and let ideas spring to life.”

Amazon already sells many other kits from a company called Allwood. Consumers can go wherever they want with the creations, whether they want a home office or art studio to put in the backyard, a she-shed, a pool house, a guest house or maybe a classroom for the kids who are studying at home.

Regardless of the need to escape your main abode, these livable accessories are more than pragmatic. Some have covered porches, exposed-beam ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. One Allwood model went viral and sold out. The Allwood cabin kits also top out at $19,900 but start as low as $5,350.

The only problem is the rising cost of the property where it would sit.

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