It’s been more than five years since Kobe Bryant went for 60 points in his final NBA game.

The date was April 13, 2016, and if you held a ticket for that event, the hope is that you held on to it.

What if that ticket were autographed by the Black Mamba himself? Even a piece of that ticket would likely be worth quite a nice sum.

Someone already thought of that idea.

And now, a ticket from that game against the Utah Jazz – with Bryant’s signature included – is being treated as a Wall Street stock. It’s being offered piecemeal to investors at $10 per share.

Yes, the memorabilia stock market is a different animal.

The investment app called Otis — on which the ticket’s value is pegged at $31,700 and has a PSA VG 3 grade –says only four other tickets have ever been graded higher.

Collector geeks are all on board.

Sadly, the key reason behind the recent increased Bryant memorabilia value is his January 2020 death in a helicopter crash outside of Los Angeles.

A TMZ report has placed the enhanced value, after Bryant’s death, at up to 20 times as compared with the price before Bryant died.

TMZ says the Otis app works just like the stock market, “the ticket will go up for trading once all the shares are sold … and shareholders will be able to keep or sell their shares.”

As collectors worldwide have already seen – witness the crazy prices paid for non-fungible tokens – you never know just how high the value can climb.

On Otis, according to a TMZ story, some items have realized a 400 percent increase on the original investment.

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