In a screenshot uploaded to Instagram, Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) revealed he sold 260,000 pairs of his “Yeezy Pod” shoes and other apparel items between Sunday night and Monday morning, earning $19.3 million off a 30-second Super Bowl ad that cost the rapper $7 million.

Notably, the sender in the screenshot appears to be Milo Yiannopoulos, the former conservative provocateur who became Ye’s advisor for his 2024 presidential campaign. In October 2023, Ye’s personal attorney Bruce Marks told Rolling Stone that the campaign was over and Ye is no longer a candidate.

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The Pods and everything else on his website were marked down to $20 ahead of the commercial. Many users complained about having paid $200 for them previously, so in response, the Yeezy company said it will be giving back $180 to anyone who purchased them at their previous price.

The advertisement was highly unconventional by Super Bowl standards, eschewing all editing and production in favor of a simple selfie video Ye filmed on an iPhone from inside a vehicle.

“Hey y’all, this Ye, and this is my commercial,” he says into the camera in a cartoonish voice. “And since we spent all the money on the commercial spot, we actually didn’t spend any money on the actual commercial!” He then tells viewers to visit “I got some shoes, and, ummmmmmm, that’s it.”

Ye later uploaded a picture of Robin Hood to his Instagram page in an apparent reference to his marked-down prices and his money-back guarantee.

The Yeezy Pods are sock-like footwear that come in a small circular pod shape and expand into a knee-high, similar to ski socks or pantyhose.

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