Ye, the hip-hop artist and fashion mogul formerly known as Kanye West, has launched a news aggregator called “Yews” that collects stories on technology, cultural trends, and scientific studies.

He dropped the link to the service ( via his Instagram story around 11:00 p.m. on February 4th.

The page, optimized for mobile, is divided by date and then subdivided into times of day: 10 a.m., 3 p.m., and 8 p.m. The morning reads, for example, included headlines like “’Hustle Culture’ is Dying,” “Shane Gillis Back At SNL After Firing,” “Farmers Threaten Siege on Rome,” and “Cancer Doctor Cures 50% of Patients,” sourced to Business Insider, Variety, the BBC, and Daily Mail respectively.

Other stories selected on its first day of operation included “Lawyer Faces Probe For Using AI,” “China Testing 100% Deadly Disease,” “Chemicals, Diet Causing Sperm Decline,” “World’s First AI Brothel Opens,” and “Solar Farms Can Change The Weather.”

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Each article rewrites the sourced article in paraphrased language and comes complete with a black-and-white scan of a painting by William Blake, an English Christian mystic poet from the 18th century known for his apocalyptic visions and Biblical exegesis.

“Yews” had been trademarked in the fall, leading many to worry that Ye was about to release some kind of antisemitic clothing line during his infamous tear against Jews. But it seems the billionaire Addidas partner-turned-canceled bohemian drifter is pursuing the futurist side of his persona rather than the ranting pariah one—at least for now.

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Ye is a well-known admirer of Walt Disney’s EPCOT dream and Steve Jobs’ revolutionary designs, and has on a number of occasions announced his intention to build utopian cities. He even began hiring recently for the creation of a 100,000-acre city in Saudi Arabia.

The forward-thinking style of this aggregator service, particularly with its editorial focus on technological advances and the future of humanity, signals that Ye is leaning into his visionary promises as discussed in the videos below:

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