Outside of the simple fact that it won’t be 2020 anymore, one of the cool things about the calendar turning to 2021 in a month and a half or so is cameras should be rolling on the “Friends” reunion special. While plans are still being ironed out, The Hollywood Reporter writes that filming should begin in the first part of next year.

Cast member Matthew Perry tweeted Thursday that the HBO Max special is set to film in March, which means it could air sometime later next spring. Initially, the “Friends” were supposed to be back together already, as the original plan was for the show to air on the launch of HBO Max in May.

The pandemic put a wrench in all the plans, but barring further complications, the reunion will be one of the only times the cast has been in the same room together in years. “We haven’t all been in the same room in front of people — I mean, we have privately once many years ago, but that’s it,” Lisa Kudrow told The Hollywood Reporter in May. “The whole point of this is to be in the same room. That hasn’t changed. And HBO Max is being phenomenally patient and understanding.”

Production is slowly coming back in Hollywood, as dozens of shows have put in strict COVID-19 safety precautions and tried to get content produced again.

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