Here’s some exciting news if you hope to live well into your 100s. The creators of a new program that intends to rebook your biological age are claiming that within ten years or so, people who live in their 90s could feel as if they are in their 40s. 

That is terrible news for Giselle Bundchen because if this is correct, he can be throwing passes and winning Super Bowls for another half-century. She’ll never be able to go back to modeling!

Great Age Reboot developed the program and the app that goes with it. The goal is to encourage users to create healthy habits to reduce their physiological age, making them feel younger than their driver’s license claims.

In other words – figure out how to lie to yourself. 

Here’s what Michael Roizen, one of the program’s creators, told Newsweek. 

”The goal of the program is to enable you to stay younger and stay on top of discoveries in the longevity field while not being misled. The aim is to help you avoid doing things that aren’t healthy and to help you consistently do things that are healthy.”

It’s a bold claim. Ten years is not that far away. Nancy Pelosi might still be in Congress, and if she is and had gotten into this program decades ago, she’d feel like she were 50 or so. 

Here’s more from Roizen from the story in Newsweek. 

“Sometime in the next ten years, we think you’re going to be able to—because of the exponential advances in 14 areas of aging mechanism research—reboot yourself so that if 60 is now the new 40, 90 will be the new 40.”

Nutrition will play a significant role, and the developers say you should only eat food you love but also loves you back. Physical activity is important too. 

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