Are There Any Classified Docs That Are Not At His House?

Let’s hope Joe Biden doesn’t have a cleaning lady with ties to the KGB.  Or a handyman who reports to China’s communist government because there seems to be a treasure trove of classified documents scattered throughout homes he owns. In fact, the feds found some more sensitive docs at his house in Wilmington, Delaware. 

The good news about this story is that Delaware is finally getting some publicity. This state is so anonymous that it makes Alaska seem like California. Despite the much-needed attention for Delaware, it’s a bad look for the 80-year-old US President. 

Like the other top secret papers Biden is storing, the latest batch was discovered by people who are usually friendly to the prez. Here’s a statement from Biden’s personal lawyer Bob Bauer. 

“DOJ took possession of materials it deemed within the scope of its inquiry, including six items consisting of documents with classification markings and surrounding materials, some of which were from the President’s service in the Senate and some of which were from his tenure as Vice President.”

Could this story be more bizarre? After the first couple of “discoveries” of the classified documents, wouldn’t most people hiding more papers try to get them off their property? 

The feds spent 13 hours at Biden’s house searching for more evidence. The FBI described the search as “planned” and “consul.”  Meaning Biden and or his wife gave it the green light. 

The day before the latest discovery, Biden told reporters in California he had “no regrets” about his handling of the documents that had been discovered. 

Is this a big story? Will this prevent Biden from running again in 2024? Is that the ultimate goal of the Democratic/Progressive power brokers? 

Only time will tell.

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