Snapchat released “My AI,” a ChatGPT-powered chatbot this past February that was only available to Snapchat+ subscribers, but as of Wednesday, the feature is accessible to all users. In the rapidly developing artificial intelligence race, Snapchat determined the chatbot feature would be a sensation for the masses, given the popularity with subscribers.

“Snapchat+ subscribers have been loving My AI, our AI-powered chatbot, sending nearly 2 million chat messages per day to learn more about movies, sports, pets, and the world around them. Today, we announced My AI is rolling out to Snapchatters globally, now with brand new features,” Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, stated in a recent press release.

“My AI is an experimental chatbot,” read a disclosure sent on Wednesday to Snapchat users. “Unlike other chats with friends, all content with My AI will be retained unless you delete it. My AI may use information you share to improve Snap’s products and to personalize your experience, including ads.”

The updated revisions let users create a personalized “Bitmoji” and name their custom AI bot, direct their Snapchats to My AI and get a chat reply in return, involve the bot into discussions with friends by merely using @ to “mention My AI and ask a question on behalf of the group” and offer suggestions from the Snap Map or the best lens to take a specific photo.

“For example, you can ask My AI to suggest weekend activities for your family or get the perfect Lens recommendation to wish a friend a happy birthday,” Snap detailed further.

Currently, users can send Snapchats to My AI and get a chat reply, however, Snapchat+ subscribers will soon have the ability to send a graphic to My AI in order to receive a “unique generative visual” in response.  

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