In this video, Patrick Bet-David discusses The Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, and asks the question, “Why Are They Hiding 6,000 Patents From YOU?”

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So did you know how big the oil and gas industry was in 2022 dollar-wise? Is it $500 billion, a trillion, $2 trillion what if I told you it’s $5 trillion? And what if I told you these people that are in that industry found out about a guy named Stanley Meyer many years ago who built a car that ran on water and in an interview he believes it can go coast to coast on 22 gallons of water. And then all of a sudden, according to this documentary, during dinner he’s saying he’s getting poisoned and he drops and he dies.

And there’s a bunch of other guys that had these types of technology but they didn’t want it to come out and you’re getting reports from Bloomberg coming out saying its green energy research team estimates it could cost $196 trillion in investments to reach zero global carbon emissions by 2050.

McKinsey says $275 trillion. Another, insurance giant Swiss Re says it could cost $23 trillion a year. A bunch of these guys are saying $200 to $300 trillion for us to go to Net Zero.

But what if we already have that technology, but just some people don’t want the public to know about it because they want you to keep going to the gas station, because God forbid if we solve that problem that may get rid of a $5 trillion industry. Is that a fair question to ask? I don’t know, but we’re going down the rabbit hole again.

Watch the full video to see how deep the rabbit hole goes!

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