World Economic Forum (WEF) contributor and Sapiens author Yuval Noah Harari recently said a second Trump term would be the “death blow” to the global order. Several other figures affiliated with the WEF have expressed similar sentiments, lamenting the increasing likelihood that Donald Trump will win the 2024 presidential election.

When asked if he was concerned about the re-election of Trump on an episode of “The Diary of a CEO” podcast, uploaded five days ago, Harari replied:

“I think it’s very likely, and if it happens it is likely to be the kind of death blow to what remains of the global order. And he says it openly. Now again it should be clear that many of these politicians, they present a false dichotomy, a false binary vision of the world, as if you have to choose between patriotism and globalism, between being loyal to your nation and being loyal to some kind of, I don’t know, global government or whatever.”

Earlier in the interview, he criticized the mindset of the members of the American electorate who voted for Trump in 2016, characterizing it as a foolish isolationist position sure to bring about wars and disasters. The anti-globalist push is occurring not just from “outside” by countries like Russia, North Korea, and China, Harari says, but also from “inside” by America, “which was the architect to a large extent of this order.”

The mindset, Harari claims, “says, ‘I don’t care about any kind of global order. I only care about my own nation.’ And you see this way of thinking, that ‘I only care about the interests of my nation,’ more and more around the world. And the big question to ask is, if all the big nations were to think like that, what regulates the relations between them?”

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Trump’s potential re-election has been a major topic at the ongoing World Economic Forum conference in Davos, Switzerland this week. “You know, we’ve been there before, we survived it, so we’ll see what it means,” said BlackRock Vice Chairman Philipp Hildebrand of Trump’s reelection. “Certainly from a European perspective, from a kind of globalist, Atlanticist perspective, it’s of course a great concern.”

This opinion is shared by Christine Lagarde, the President of the European Central Bank. Last week, she said “lessons from history” indicate that a second Trump term is “clearly a threat.” She went on: “Just look at the trade tariffs, just look at the commitment to NATO service, just look at the fight against climate change … If only in these three areas in the past, American interests have not been aligned with European interests.”

News outlet Bloomberg acknowledged that the “plain language” of this statement is “unusual for a central banker.”

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At the WEF conference, former Vice President Al Gore bluntly stated, “I don’t want to see him re-nominated and re-elected.” He said he is optimistic that an upset could happen and thwart Trump’s efforts. “I don’t think that it’s a foregone conclusion … I’ve been through the process, I’ve run four national campaigns over the years and seen it from that perspective. I’ve seen a lot of surprises over the years. Something tells me this may be a year of significant surprises.”

He specifically said the Iowa caucus results will not determine the outcome of the race, citing Ted Cruz’s victory in 2016.

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After Trump’s victory in the Iowa Caucuses on Monday night, the frequency of such warnings from pro-globalist figures is set to increase. Recently, it was reported that Washington insiders are already working to put limits on presidential military powers to prevent a future Trump “dictatorship,” a prediction that the media commentariat is increasingly trumpeting.

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