Former President Donald Trump has been declared the winner of the Iowa Caucus, the first vote of the 2024 Republican presidential primary election. As of 10:30 PM ET, his victory had been called by just about every news network including the Associated Press, Reuters, The New York Times, CNBC, Fox, and CNN, all of whom made their projections based on entrance polling results.

As of 10:55 PM, 95 percent of the votes had been counted and Trump was leading with 51 percent, picking up 20 Republican delegates. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was in second, with 21.2 percent and 8 delegates, and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley was in a close third at 19.1 percent and 7 delegates.

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Vivek Ramaswamy came in a distant fourth at 7.7 percent and 3 delegates. Candidates Ryan Binkley, Asa Hutchinson, and Chris Christie (who dropped out of the race last week) each received less than 1 percent.

After seeing the disappointing results, Ramaswamy dropped out of the race and officially endorsed Trump.

Trump appears to have won 98 out the 99 counties in Iowa.

This weekend, a report from NBC News disclosed that a group of well-connected Democrats in the think tank world and Congress are plotting to wrest military powers away from the presidency in anticipation of a second Trump term. The ongoing narrative among media commentators affiliated with the federal intelligence community is that Trump will become a dictator, and that bureaucrats must prepare for this crisis by creating a kind of parallel government.

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