There was a time in our great country when beer companies went out of their way to entertain Americans with their television commercials, not tick them off.

Yes, the corporate decision-makers have been obsessed with woke agendas, and it backfired big time when transgender social media enthusiast Dylan Mulvaney was featured prominently in a Bud Light campaign. And the guy who used to make great spots back in the day is upset about it. 

His name is Robert Lachky, and he’s the marketing guru behind Budweiser’s “Wassup!”  Commercials. Oh, he did the “Talking Frogs” spots too.  So he’s not exactly pleased with the fiasco at Bud Light. 

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“It took us 20 years to take Bud Light beer to the No 1 beer in the country, and it took them one week to dismantle it.”

Lachky told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Bud Light brought all of this on themselves, saying, “It’s self-inflicted.”

When Lachky was in charge of the tv spots, he was famous for cranking out Super Bowl spots that the audience loved. Some people looked forward to Budweiser commercials more than the game itself; they were that iconic. He was a big reason why and how Bud Light became the top-selling light beer in the US, overtaking Miller Light during his reign. 

The CEO of Anheuser-Busch Global tried to blame “misinformation and disinformation” for the backlash and sales decline, but he’s making it much more complicated than it is. And he sounds naive and delusional. 

The bottom line is that getting people’s minds off their problems with a funny commercial and a decent light beer they can drink at a reasonable price just isn’t a priority to this once-proud company anymore. Social activism trumps all, even revenue and profits, for many companies. 

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