There’s nothing worse than being stuck on a flight when there’s that “one guy” who refuses to follow instructions, screwing up the day for everyone on board. Delta passengers flying from Salt Lake City to San Francisco Wednesday were stuck with one of those knuckleheads. 

Joshua Colby Council was in a hurry to board his Delta flight. He sprinted to the gate, maskless, and when the Delta gate agent told him to mask up before boarding, he refused and proceeded to walk onto the plane. Let’s just say Council is one of those people who doesn’t believe in wearing masks, because after flight attendants and the captain of the plane asked him to put on a mask, he still refused to do it. He then doubled down, refusing to leave his seat when airport security tried to escort him back into the terminal. 

You can probably see where this story is going. With Colby not budging, all the other passengers on the flight got up and exited, not wanting to be exposed to the loose cannon who refused to wear a mask. It was only then that Council agreed to get off the plane, and for his stubbornness he enjoyed a night in a Salt Lake City jail after being charged with disorderly conduct. 

Delta released a statement saying, “We apologize to customers for the delay on Flight 1382 on Wednesday as a passenger was removed from the flight for mask non-compliance.”

Council might consider himself a maverick who doesn’t like masks, but Delta has a COVID-19 policy that requires all customers to wear a face mask, confirm that they have no symptoms, and be honest about whether they have been exposed to the virus in the past 14 days.

The good news for everyone hoping to make it to California the day before Thanksgiving on that flight is that there was only a 45-minute delay. 

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