For anyone waiting for Vladimir Putin to sound more rational and halt his cataclysmic threats, it doesn’t seem like it will be happening any time soon. 

During a scathing speech targeting the West, the tough-talking Russian President took his unhinged behavior up a notch on Friday. 

On the topic of nuclear weapons, he accused the United States of creating a precedent for going nuclear by bombing Japan in World War II. 

That was just his opening act. He called the West “Satanists” and said that “Anglo Saxons” blew up the Nord Stream pipelines. 

This all came out of his planned speech, where he announced the annexation of four regions in Ukraine and claimed them as Russian territory. According to every credible source, the “elections” supposedly held in Ukraine were nothing but a sham.  

Putin went on to claim that the U.S. was occupying Germany and Korea.  He made a vow during the speech to “smash” the West, and he maybe went off script to make another comment about societal norms in America, saying “sex change” surgeries are the “satanic moral norms” of the United States. 

Get past the bluster, and the only question that matters is if he’s serious about using “all available means” to hold on to the annexed territories in Ukraine. 

Joe Biden put out a statement regarding the annexations and said they have “no legitimacy.”  

Here’s more from Biden’s statement. 

“In response to Russia’s phony claims of annexation, the United States, together with our Allies and partners, are announcing new sanctions today. These sanctions will impose costs on individuals and entities — inside and outside of Russia — that provide political or economic support to illegal attempts to change the status of Ukrainian territory.”

Putin’s speech got rousing ovations from the partisan crowd of supporters in attendance. He referred to the West as being satanic for rejecting “moral norms” and embracing liberalism. 

“From the elementary grades, perversions were imposed on children, which lead to degradation and extinction. To be drummed into them that there are supposedly other genders besides the woman and the man and offered to have a sex change operation? This is unacceptable for us.”

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