On the Today Show this week, Peloton co-founder John Foley decided to share a little bit of personal information that started a frenzy of responses on social media. 

He revealed the one thing he does every single morning when he first wakes up. 

It’s strange, bizarre would even be a good way to describe it. 

What is it? And does it put Foley in the hall of fame of weird behavior for successful and famous CEO’s and business personalities?

Judge for yourself…

Let’s start with Foley. His daily ritual includes going to the sink in his bathroom and taking 40 sips of tap water. 

“Twenty years ago a colleague told me the key to your day is to hydrate at much as you can, so the first thing I do is drink 40 sips of water from my hand at the upstairs bathroom sink,” he said. 

It seems to work for him. “It’s efficient. I drink until I feel like I’m going to throw up water. Every day,” he said.

Okay.  How about some other CEO’s quirky habits.

Jeff Bezos:

Have you heard of this guy named Jeff Bezos? He apparently runs some sort of tech company that allows you to order all kinds of products on line, and sometimes even have it delivered the same day.  

When it comes to the size of meetings, Bezos has a unique philosophy he goes with called the “two pizza rule.”

The CEO of Amazon will never organize a meeting where two pizzas can’t feed the entire group of attendees. 

What’s his strategy?  He feels this will only allow the most important people to be in the meeting, which will ensure the intimacy and effectiveness of it. 

Elon Musk:

The CEO of SpaceX, Tesla and the Boring Company is a busy man. On top of running billion dollar companies, he has to find time every day to send out clever tweets and tick off the SEC. 

So, here’s what works for Musk;  he breaks his day into five-minute segments.  That includes his lunch and anything booked into his daily schedule.

This allows Musk to save a great deal of time by getting right to the point in every meeting. 

Warren Buffett:

The Oracle of Omaha is 90-years old, but still shows up to work in Omaha every day. What does he do when he gets there? Reading, thinking, and making billions of dollars.“I insist on a lot of time being spent to just sit and think. This is very uncommon in American business,” he once said. 

Mark Cuban:

Anyone who hates scheduling or attending meetings all day is going to love Cuban’s quirk.  He considers most meetings to be a waste of time, so he doesn’t schedule any and rarely goes. 

“The only way you’re going to get me for a meeting is if you’re writing me a check.” 

If it works for Cuban, you might want to try it. 

Sara Blakely (CEO of Spanx)

Give Blakely and A+ on uniqueness of her quirk. She lives very close to her office but still spends time almost every day on what she calls a “fake commute.” 

What the heck is that? Well, since she feels the car is the spot she does her very best thinking, she will drive around for up to an hour just brainstorming and thinking. 

Mark Zuckerberg:

Zuck sets the tone for his entire year by making a resolution at the beginning of the year, then holding himself to it. 

These are not normal resolutions like going to the gym or eating healthy. 

On his list in the past is learning Chinese, running a mile every single day, and visiting every state in the United States. 

Michael Kors:

The fashion icon has found a way to not waste time sitting in front of his closet pondering what to wear every day.  Even though he has access to a wardrobe that would fill Madison Square Garden, he wears the same thing every day. A black crewneck shirt and black jacket. 

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