With Pfizer receiving full FDA approval for their COVID vaccine, and Moderna in line to get one soon, there are new stories everyday about vaccine mandates at schools, businesses and universities. 

Delta airlines took it one step beyond simply requiring that every one of their employees get the vaccine, they are going to hit the unvaccinated in their checking accounts. 

Starting November 1, any unvaccinated employees that are on Delta’s healthcare plan will be dinged for a $200 surcharge. 

Why? Well, CEO Ed Bastian said that when a person is hospitalized for COVD, the cost is around $50K. 

Here’s what he told his employees in a memo Wednesday. 

“This surcharge will be necessary to address the financial risk the decision to not vaccinate is creating for our company.”

The boss also went on to say that all of the Delta employees who have been hospitalized were not vaccinated. 

On top of the $200 fee, the airline will require unvaccinated employees to be tested every week, starting in mid-September. 

As of now, 75% of Delta’s workers have taken the shot. 

Bummer for those employees paying the $200, but thankfully for passengers the airline didn’t stick them with increased fees. 

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