Former Theranos executive Sunny Balwani gets a few more days in the sun.

He successfully got his sentence delayed.

He was due to start his thirteen year sentence, due to the mass fraud of Theranos. A company that claimed to do simple, on site blood testing, but whose machines were discovered to be totally non functional later on, defrauded investors of over a billion dollars. Of course, his partner in crime was Elizabeth Holmes, who received a ten year sentence herself. She tried to claim she was receiving undue pressure from Balwani, whom she dated during that time, and that his actions counted as a form of abuse and control. The court didn’t buy it.

A judge denied Balwani’s request to stay out of jail as he attempted to overturn his conviction. But after an appeal of that ruling, an automatic prison stay was initiated, keeping Sunny in the sun, at least for now.

Balwani did get an upgrade, prison wise. Initially expected to be placed in Atlanta, he got switched to a less secure, more luxurious one in Southern California near the harbor.

In late April, expect Holmes to follow suit, with the same action, with the same judge.

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