There isn’t anything that involves basketball that Michael Jordan isn’t great at. He’s the GOAT for a darn good reason — because he’s untouchable with his accomplishments. If you know LeBron James personally, tell him to look away because this will hurt. 

MJ has won championships in college at North Carolina, in the NBA with the Bulls (six), and in the Olympics (twice). 

There is no official statistic for “iconic status,” but Michael owns it outright, thanks partly to his Jumpman brand at Nike. His logo is about as identifiable as any logo in sport. (*LeBron James failed at trying to trademark the phrase “Taco Tuesday.”)

But here’s where you have to just bow down and give it up to Michael and realize he’s truly in a league of his own.  He is thinking of selling his majority ownership stake in the Charlotte Hornets. 

Pay attention to these details because they are equal parts fascinating and unfathomable. Michael purchased a minority stake in the Charlotte Bobcats in 2006 and became the outright owner in 2010.  He has 97% of the equity in the team, and the purchase price was $275 million when he bought the team. 

Times have changed. Players make more than that in five years now. 

Michael is in “serious talks” with a group that is led by Gabe Plotkin, a minority owner in the Hornets, and Rick Schnall, who is a minority owner in the Atlanta Hawks. 

Forbes reports that the Hornets’ current valuation is $1.7 billion. But it could be more than that. If Michael decided to sell 72% of the team and hold on to 25% minority ownership, he would have made almost a billion dollars on the sale — and still hold 25% of the team at a value of $425 million. 

I won’t even mention who made a better version of Space Jam. 

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