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If you’re an entrepreneur, business person, or CEO, sooner or later you’ll realize that sales rules the business world. The sooner you turn that into a science, the better you do in business and the sooner your revenue goes the direction you want it to go. So in this video, I talk to you about the three most important skills in sales.

#1: Finder: – 2:10

#2: Closer – 3:06

#3: Developer – 3:39

Which of the Three Skills in Sales is Most Important – 4:40

Ask Yourself These Five Questions – 9:54


Last but not least, we launched a new series last week. It’s called, PBDRealTalk. Go on Twitter, and post whatever questions you want to ask me. The questions can be anything about business or anything you want to ask me. Post the questions on Twitter using hashtag #PBDRealTalk. If we like the question, we’ll feature your question in one of the PBDRealTalk episodes. Every single time at the end of the video, I’ll give an “I am an entrepreneur” t-shirt to the person that asked the best question. So make sure your questions are specific, clear, and to the point. Use the hashtag #PBDRealTalk and tag me, @patrickbetdavid.

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