If you have checked your stocks, the latest news, the weather, posted a selfie or asked Siri a question in the last few minutes, those are all things you couldn’t do when the first iPhone came out 14 years ago this week. 

To say the creation of Steve Jobs and his talented Apple changed the world, would be like saying the invention of the wheel made getting around a little easier. 

It was a game-changer in the world’s history, and propelled Apple to become the most valuable company on the planet.

In 2007, prior to the iPhone release, Apple had a market cap of $174 billion. Now it sits at roughly $2.3 trillion.  Let that sink in. 

Back in 2007 George Bush was President, the Rock was a wrestler, Donald Trump had the top TV show on NBC, and CNN actually covered news. 

My, have times changed. 

The original iPhone cost $499 or $599, so it was never cheap. 

The first one ran on 2G wireless, a far cry from today’s 5G norm. 

When the first iPhone debuted, the primary competition was a Blackberry, Samsung or Treo. I think it’s safe to say who won that battle. 

The original iPhone only was offered if you had AT&T service.  There was no App Store back then, because there were not apps. You had one option on color (black) and forget about texting a photo to someone.  You couldn’t do it on the 2007 model. 

6.1 million units of the first gen iPhone were sold worldwide. Contrast that to now, where Apple announced earlier this year they had crossed the 1 billion customer threshold. 

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