Ozempic, Mounjaro, and other diabetes drugs taking Los Angeles and other big cities by storm because of their weight loss side effects are proving to have another secret side effect that makes it even more desirable for many. 

A report in The Atlantic showcases the drug’s ability to quell different appetites — the craving for alcohol, smoking, drugs, and other addictive habits that can be harmful. It’s a thing — the drug has this effect on people, and it has led to many people being able to kick excessive and expensive habits. 

Other media outlets have also reported that these drugs are changing people’s lives and not just the size of their waistlines. The Atlantic’s story featured details from people who say they no longer excessively shop, drink, or bite their nails and pick their skin. 

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The drugs are expensive, roughly $300 per shot — with a shot lasting one week, but for the results they deliver, drug companies will have a hard time keeping them in stock. 

According to scientists, the drugs work in a way that re-wires reward pathways in the brain, which could reduce dopamine release from consuming things like alcohol and drugs. 

The evidence is anecdotal, but chances are you know someone who has taken the drug. You can ask them if the minimal side effects of indigestion, bloating, acid reflux, and other digestive issues are worth it.  Most likely, you will hear a resounding yes. 

Ironically, the effects are so favorable for many that they could become addicted to the drug, which may indirectly prevent or potentially cure addiction.

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