If you’ve been sitting at your desk all day, working from 9-5, wondering if there could be something more to life besides career and corporate loyalty, the CEO of Airbnb might have some good news for you.

According to CNBC, you can thank artificial intelligence. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said on the “This Week In Startups” podcast, “It’s easier to imagine what jobs will be displaced than what jobs would be created. That would require us to conceive of what doesn’t exist.”

So, what new work concepts might exist? A few concepts fall into the 9-5 employment category. Chesky envisions a mass explosion of startups, and they’ll need employees. Before the decade ends, you will most likely be able to enter a ChatGPT prompt to create an entire website and its graphics in one click.

AI may also be able to code for businesses, making app development far quicker than before. This will lead to hundreds of new players getting into the game. Tech creation will become significantly easier.

“I think this is going to create millions of startups, entrepreneurship is going to be a boon. Anyone can essentially do the equivalent of what software engineering only allowed you to do five years ago,” Chesky continued.

Chesky is implying that this new explosion won’t be in traditional 9-5 work-like fashion, but rather in the “side hustle” gig economy.

Companies are predicted to outsource their promotional writing to a talented freelancer. Workers can guide ChaptGPT using their talent and experience now. Asking for the right writing prompt takes some experience and talent. In order words, these writers’ skills will still be marketable but instead of working for one company, you can work for five in a day – the possibilities are endless!

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