If you have yet to know of the name Dr. Robert W. Malone do not blame yourself; you were not the only one. Very early into the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly when Covid vaccines were rolling out, two doctors were notoriously known for being silenced, censored, and refrained from speaking out on the issue, via social media.

American cardiologist Dr. Peter A. McCullough and American doctor and biochemist Robert W. Malone were being canceled left and right when discussing the real problems that could have been caused by taking mRNA vaccines without enough research.

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One would think that a literal biochemist whose early work focused on mRNA technology, pharmaceuticals and drug repurposing research has enough knowledge to be able to speak on the subject – apparently, Big Tech didn’t think so.

In a recent interview on Tommy’s Podcast, Malone was the special guest, giving a thorough description of Dr. Hotez’s role in funding coronavirus gain of functions research, his ties with Bill Gates, his advocacy for censoring opposing scientific views, and more.

“The fact that Peter was involved in the gain of function research going back to Obama’s determination that that should not be done, specifically with the Corona virus,” Malone said. “Peter was absolutely involved in the gain of function research that we usually think of as centered around North Carolina, and Peter was clearly and actively involved in trying to suppress any questions about that gain of function research in promoting the alternative story lines that now appear to be a propaganda campaign that may have been mounted by the intelligence community…”

When referencing Hotez’s connection with Bill Gates, Malone said that “Peter does have a deep, long-standing relationship with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, including a large sum of money of funding for Dr. Hotez’s word. So, Dr. Hotez, then during this outbreak, launched the initiative, then published a paper attempting to link those that were speaking in opposition to the approved narrative in his words, “misinformation spreaders” or “anti-vaxxers.”

According to Malone, Hotez now groups these people with antisemitism in his new book, and has been politically active for many years, aiming to raise his personal political motives.

Robert F. Kennedy’s interview with Joe Rogan was a nightmare for Hotez; in the wake of the interview, Hotez came out from the bushes to push the same narrative he has been successfully pushing until now – RFK is an “antivaxxer” and fully loaded “misinformation.”

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