They never really built all of the wall.

But at least you can substitute that with inflation.

And we’re not talking about the economic kind.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced Friday that he’d be installing miles of inflatable tubes along the Rio Grande River, which separates Texas and Mexico, as Fox News reports.

When a swimmer crossing from Mexico attempts to go over or under the inflatable barriers, the barriers will spin them, making them unable to cross into the US side.

“Texas has pushed back against the swell of migrants and held the line to keep people out of Texas — but there’s more that needs to be done,” Abbott said. He also signed 6 new bills into law after approving a spending package of $5 billion to protect the border.

In these sets of bills, border patrol will, for the first time, be legally permitted to use unmanned aircrafts to better surveil activity.

And another hot button issue; Abbott was able to officially declare the Mexican cartel to be a terrorist organization.

A similar bill is working its way through Congress.

Here’s hoping they follow Abbott’s lead. Some ingenuity is required here.

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