Adele’s recent impressive weight loss was supposedly achieved by using the Sirtfood diet. So should you try it as a way to jumpstart your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution??

Here are some fast facts about the diet:

  • Two celebrity nutritionists in the UK developed the diet
  • The diet is centered around “sirtfoods”. These foods are supposed to rev up proteins called sirtuins and activate your skinny genes. Sirtuins are thought to play important roles in human metabolism.

The diet is split into 2 phases:

Phase 1 (1 week long):

    • Days 1-3: 1000 calories per day. Menu: 3 green juices and 1 sirtfood rich meal
    • Days 4-7: 1500 calories per day. Menu: 2 green juices and 2 sirtfood rich meals

Phase 2 (2 weeks long): No specific calorie limit. Menu: 1 green juice a day and 3 sirtfood rich meals

The diet can be cycled until you achieve your desired weight. Long-term you are encouraged to incorporate the sirtfood meals and juices into your diet.

Things to know about this diet:

    • Claims about the long-term health benefits are largely based on the Mediterranean diet and not studies on the “Sirtfood diet” specifically
    • There are no studies to suggest that this diet is any better than any other calorie restricted diet
    • It is restrictive
    • It is centered around juicing which removes all the fibre and nutrients from the pulp and skins of fruits and vegetables
    • Probably not ideal for people at risk of kidney stones and those with diabetes

Bottom line: Better to make smaller meaningful changes to your diet that are going to help you maintain your ideal weight for a life-time

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