A neighbor of the man authorities have said is behind the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville said Anthony Quinn Warner practically bragged about it to him in a casual chat they had at Warner’s mailbox four days before the blast. Rick Laude said he pulled his car over when he saw Warner and engaged in some small talk that took a weird turn. Laude asked how Warner’s elderly mother was doing, then he said he casually asked Warner, “Is Santa going to bring you anything good for Christmas?”

According to the neighbor Laude, Warner smiled at him and said, “Oh, yeah, Nashville and the world is never going to forget me.”

Laude went on to describe his neighbor by saying “Nothing about this guy raised any red flags. He was just quiet.”

After the conversation by the mailbox on the 21st, Laude said he didn’t give the remark much more thought, figuring Warner meant that “something good” was about to happen for him.

When he received news of the huge explosion that rocked downtown Nashville, and then learned authorities said Warner was the person that did it, Laude said he was “speechless.”

The fact that nobody was killed in the blast is consistent with what authorities have said about Warner, determining that he was more interested in causing destruction than fatalities.

One area of concern investigators are looking into is Warner’s alleged paranoia over 5G technology. Even though more than 100 federal and state authorities are actively working this case, David Rausch, the director of Tennessee’s Bureau of Investigation, told NBC, “We may never find the exact reasoning behind the activity that took place.”

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