He’s one of the most accomplished, dominating, unique, and exciting players in the history of the NBA.

His resume is as dazzling and impressive as maybe anyone on the planet, and Patrick Bet-David did an amazing job giving the big man an appropriate “Vegas Style” introduction for the 15,000+ people who packed the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on the climactic, marquee night of The PHP Gala.

Shaquille O’Neal, the four-time NBA champ, multi-scoring leader, MVP, dominating force, and iconic personality who stars on TNT’s “Inside the NBA,” brought his A-game to the one-on-one conversation with PBD that allowed the two titans of industry to have a moment of reconciliation and share a fascinating conversation that will inspire and entertain anyone who watches.

One of the highlights occurred when Patrick referenced the moment in 2019 when he interviewed the late Kobe Bryant, on this same stage, about his unmatched and legendary work ethic. The question was simple and direct: “If Shaq had your work ethic, what would he have been able to accomplish in his career?”

Shaq was not in attendance that night, but details of the question and conversation quickly made their way back to him, and he wasn’t happy. It triggered a reaction where he reached out to Patrick on Instagram, commencing a back-and-forth interaction that culminated with the moment when Patrick asked Shaq the same question he directed at Kobe three years earlier.

This time, Shaq had the opportunity to answer the question on his own (Go to 6:37)

His reaction is priceless.  So was the legend’s description of what his sole motivation for being successful was.

It is a must-see interview, available to watch in its entirety on the PBD Podcast YouTube channel.

Don’t miss it!

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